User Course Training Registration Deadline Extended

The registration deadline for the user course training has been extended to Sept 25, 2018. Classes will begin on Oct 10,2018(Tikemt 1). Registration is held at the Department’s building located in College of Natural Science (Arat Kilo Campus) office number 235 during office hours. The following courses are offered:-


  • Java Fundamentals
  • Advanced Java
  • C#
  • Mobile Programming


  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems
  • Database Administration using Oracle
  • Database Administration using SQL Server


  • Website Development Fundamentals
  • Web Application development using ASP.NET MVC
  • Website Development using CMS(WordPress)


  • System Administration in UNIX
  • Network Administration


About User Course Training Program

The user course program targets the wide audience who seek to empower themselves on advanced programming, database administration, and networking skills. This program is an opportunity for the trainee who did not has the chance to get practical coaching on the required skills. As well the Department, where it can deliver the training in the form of community service.

The user course training program is one of the Department-initiated community service with a short-term training scheme which lasts a total of 50 hours. The program offers custom prepared Computer Science courses to any competent individual who intends to improve his/her previous knowledge of a particular course or who is currently working in an area requesting expertise of a specific course. The program also targets high school students who are interested to acquire a basic knowledge on a specific selected course/s.

The program is designed to run on a two contact hours per day and three days a week contact lasting a total of eight weeks. The program is more of a practical class and is delivered in the laboratory classes for the entire duration of the program. To this end, the program runs during evening time so as not to occupy the lab rooms during the daytime and compete against the regular program for resources. The program is offered twice or three times a year regularly.