The Computer Science Department offers undergraduate(BSc) and graduate programs (MSc) both in the regular as well as evening sessions.

Undegraduate Program

The undergraduate program is in compliance with the already established standards proposed by international Computer Societies and graduates are well equipped to successfully follow fulfilling career paths in many diverse areas of business and academia. The duration for the regular BSc program is four years while for the evening it takes five years. The total credit hour expected to be taken is 148 which is equivalent to 240 ECTS. Both programs use the same curriculum which consists of major and elective Computer Science courses, supportive courses from Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Statistics and Business and Management, educational and common courses as well. Students in the course of their degree are exposed to the theoretical foundations in all areas of the field, gain an understanding of the principles that underlie development of systems, apply their knowledge on real life projects and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the astonishing rate of change of the specific discipline. For more on the undergraduate program click here.

Graduate Program

As a result of the prevailing situation in the country and the need for well-educated professionals to teach and conduct research at the various public institutes, the Department launched the MSc program in Computer Science in the 2002/03 Academic Year. Since then, the program has contributed its share in producing the necessary skilled manpower. Currently the program is offered in four specialization areas: Data & Web Engineering, Software Engineering, Network and Security and General Computer Science. For more on the graduate program click here.

IT Doctoral Program

The Department is highly engaged to support of the IT Doctoral program of the University. In addition to their regular duties, the staff members of the Department are serving the IT Doctoral Program by holding the posts: Chair of the Doctoral Program Research Commission, Director of the Doctoral Program, Associate Director of the Center for IT Research and Innovation and Coordinator for three out of six research tracks. They also serve as: co-instructors of PhD level courses and co-advisors for a number of doctoral students.