The Department of Computer Science is currently running a newly revised four-year BSc program and an MSc program for both regular and extension programs. Furthermore, the Department offers several service courses to other departments in the College of Natural Sciences. The Department uses eight computer laboratories with a total of more than 150 Personal Computers, these laboratories are used to conduct practical works for both Graduate & Undergraduate programs, the service courses, special training sessions and the evening computer science program.

The department has currently 4 computer laboratories dedicated to the undergraduate program and working 24 hours. Each computer laboratory has a minimum of 20 computers with full Internet connection through the University wide network.  Additional free rooms are also available with Wifi Internet access for the students to use them during their spare time. One more laboratory room is reserved for service courses which are offered by the Department to others. In addition, the department has four specialized streams in the graduate program and each specialization program has its own laboratory room. Moreover, the department has dedicated one lab for special training offers for different organizations, groups of individuals and seminar holding purposes. It has twenty (20) Pcs, Wi-Fi Internet access, and smart interactive board.

The laboratory rooms are open from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Accessing the laboratory rooms for teaching-learning process is according to the schedule of each active semesters and when the labs are free from the scheduled program for teaching-learning process any student from the department can access labs to do his/her assignments and study purpose. In undergraduate labs the graduating class students have additional accessing time till 8:00 pm.