Department of Computer Science has launched an M. Sc. program in Computer Science in the 2002/03 Academic year.  In January 2005 and July 2010, the curriculum was revised to incorporate feedbacks from stakeholders. Although the program has contributed its share in producing the necessary skilled manpower, the current revision of the curriculum is initiated by the Department in response to the current and emerging need of stakeholders. Accordingly, the program is designed in four specialization areas: Data & Web Engineering, Software Engineering, Network and Security and General Computer Science. A graduate from this program is expected to be able to:

  • demonstrate intellectual competency and transferable knowledge and skills, and articulate them effectively,
  • develop and manage large-scale application and system programs,
  • manage large-scale computer and database systems,
  • provide computer science/technology-related consultancy services, and
  • teach and conduct research in Computer Science

Specific graduate profiles for each specialization are:

Data and Web Engineering

  • carry out data analytics,
  • develop and manage data analytics systems
  • analyze application cases in data integration, data exchange, knowledge management, e-learning, and web services
  • understand and develop how to measure performance of data mining system
  • use the big data processing frameworks

Software Engineering

  • carry out large-scale systems analysis and design
  • manage and assess real projects
  • apply SQA methods, tools and techniques in software projects
  • apply a wide variety of design patterns, frameworks, components, and architectures in designing a wide variety of software

Network and Security

  • develop computer security and privacy policies, procedures and guidelines for a computing environment
  • understand the main ideas behind some of the current innovations in networking including, p2p protocols, wireless access systems,
  • design and implement Pervasive applications
  • understand and be familiar with a range of technologies that can be brought to bear to reduce risks

General Computer Science

The General Computer science stream aims to equip learners with detailed knowledge of embedded software, and on design and implementation of pervasive applications.

The department also runs a graduate program in the evening sessions since 2010/11. This program is intended to give an opportunity to those working in government and non-government organizations to study at MSc level.