Community service from Department of Computer Science point of view is defined as:

“An activity performed by or through the help of faculty and students of the department to address community-based problems, by deploying and using ICT as enabler means, with the objective of improving quality of life for the community.”


Community service endeavors serve numerous purposes for all involved stakeholders. What one will benefit from community services will depend on which side of such an activity s/he belongs to. In general community service helps

  • To assist government and non-government organizations on how to use ICT in their daily activity,
  • To support non-profit organizations how to use ICT in storing and using their valuable data

Specifically, community service activities address the following purpose

  • To beneficiaries: gain support from the Department’s massive expertise with minimal/no cost
  • For students: learn to contribute to society and develop their practical skills
  • For Faculty: contribute to society and address the requirement put out by the Senate Legislation; Count towards promotion when deemed necessary
  • For the Department: promote the Department and the field of computer science to the wider community


  • Staff and Student Initiated

Students or academic staff of the Department may propose a community service project in a formal proposal document. This document shall include the project duration, participants, beneficiaries, scope and cost of the project along with source of funding. The Department’s Academic Committee (DAC) is in charge of approving or recommending such projects after reviewing the proposal document.

  • Department Initiated

The Department as entity or an academic staff may initiate a project idea of community service. For such projects, the Department will prepare a project proposal as part of its annual plan, which shall be approved by the DAC and endorsed by the CNS – Academic Committee.

  • Beneficiary-Party Initiated

Beneficiary-Party (i.e., external organizations, civil societies, group of peoples, etc.) may approach the Department with a project idea to seek support. In such cases, the Department Chair will form an ad-hoc committee, which will prepare a proposal document in collaboration with the beneficiary entity. The proposal should then be presented to the DAC for approval.