Undergraduate Program
Regular Program

Placements to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education. The university then conducts admission and enrollment to the different programs based on results of the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination (EHEECE), the choice of the student and the capacity of Departments/Schools/Centers. Foreign examinations results must be certified by the ministry of education for their equivalency to the EHEECE. Admissions and enrolments to all programs are processed by the University Registrar in consultation with the academic units concerned and by the decision of the Senate standing committee called Admission and Enrollment Committee (AEC).

Undergraduate Program
Extension Program

There are four categories in which an applicant may join the undergraduate extension program, namely, those who have completed preparatory high school, TVET complete (10+3 and 10+4), COC exam result level 3 and above, and bachelor’s degree holders. For more on the requirements to apply for this program go to the university’s page http://www.aau.edu.et/admission.

Graduate Program

Admission to graduate programs shall be based on academic results and merits required by the academic units for the program. However, in line with the national priority accorded to the expansion of higher education, the University in admitting students to most of its graduate programs shall give priority to candidates from public higher education institutions. Accordingly, in the currency of this national priority, the University shall plan, negotiate and decide upon the admission of students to its graduate programs jointly with the Ministry.