About CS
Department of Computer Science at a glance

Offering one or two computer courses was started by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, in the early 1980s. Following this, the Department started a Computer Science program as one of its streams. Realizing the growing needs of computers by organizations, a Diploma program in Computer Science in the evening program and a Minor program for Physics, Statistics and Library Science Departments were launched in 1983.  In 1993, a Degree program in Computer Science was launched.

The Computer Science program became a full-fledged program and was given departmental status under the Faculty of Informatics by the University Senate in August 2002. The 2002/03 academic year marked the launching of the MSc program in Computer Science. Following the University wide structural adjustments, the Department was moved to the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences under the College of Natural Sciences in the 2010/11 academic year. Though the Faculty was dissolved in 2012, the Department remains under the same College. The Department since then has undergone significant changes in terms of its student enrolments, staffing, resources mobilization, and curricula revision.


The vision of the Department is to be a leading academic unit in the provision of quality education in Computer Science at undergraduate and graduate levels, and to be a focal point for the advancement of Computer Science research, innovation, and dissemination of valuable knowledge in line with the development endeavors of the country.


  • To provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in Computer Science,
  • To conduct research in Computer Science and its application areas, and
  • To provide professional services to the community in the field of Computer Science.


The Department

  • promotes teamwork and cooperative spirit between and within instructors and students,
  • is committed to attaining highest recognition in teaching and research in Computer Science,
  • promotes academic honesty and respect for others as well as democratic and participatory methods of decision making,
  • promotes the highest ethical and professional standards, and
  • is committed to providing quality education in an equitable and accessible manner.